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Pocket Knives

Navaja K2466P

Mini Katana

Katana S5053

Ornament and collection

Sword S5003

Ornament and collection

Fantastic Sword S3003

Mini Katana

Katana S5055

Pocket Knives

Navaja K2465W

Pocket Knives

Navaja K2466T


Catana S5072

Decorative Katanas

Katana S0281

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Sword S5059

Mini Katana

Katana S5054

Pocket Knives

Navaja K2466C2


AMONT, Sale of reproductions of arms in Figueres

Girona, Alt Empordà

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Just a few models of the wide variety through time and history that AMONT offers you.


Samourais, Mini Samourais, Manga Samourais, Swords, Fantastic Swords, Daggers, Resin Daggers, Old Daggers, Fantasy Daggers, Knives, Resin Knives, Tactical Knives, Sporting Knives, Weapons, Old Weapons, Accessories and Ammunition, Masks, Sabers, Axes, Shields and Paperknife, Figures and Resin, Leather, etc.